Totallee Makes the Best Minimal Cases for the Galaxy S20 Lineup

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After my Galaxy S20 Ultra review, I didn’t stop using the device. It’s my daily driver and I’m proud of that. To ensure I keep my device safe from little drops and scratches, I have been using a thin, minimal case from Totallee. We’ve covered their goods in the past and we continue to use their cases because they make good stuff.

Totallee sent over cases for the entire Galaxy S20 lineup, and while I’ve been using the “thin” matte black case on my S20 Ultra, I’ve had my fiancĂ©e using a Clear Soft case on a smaller Galaxy S20. I like mine thin and minimal, while she appreciates a bit more cushion and grip. Having used my case for a couple of weeks now, without a doubt, these are up there as the best minimal cases you can get for Galaxy S20 devices.

The cases cost $35 a pop which is by no means cheap, but if we’re talking about an accessory for a $1,000+ phone, $35 for a case is reasonable. While these cases don’t provide any type of significant protection in terms of shock absorption or added water resistance, frankly, they just feel good in-hand and I like that I don’t have to worry about minor scratches and scuffs. Day-to-day, that’s all my phone is in danger of anyway. To top it off, I throw on a PopSocket (Baby Yoda!) for added functionality, so now I can prop my phone up, watch videos, and use the device one-handed with ease. Isn’t the future sweet?

If you want your own Totallee case, follow the link below.

Totallee Store Link



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