Samsung Launches 24-Month, 50% Buy Back Guarantee on the Galaxy S20 Line

Galaxy S20

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Samsung might be struggling to sell the Galaxy S20 line-up like they have previous devices, so to try and further push you into forking out $1,000 or more, they appear to have just launched a new guaranteed buy-back program. This new program is a way for Samsung customers to potentially recoup 50% of the cost of a Galaxy S20 up to two years later.

It looks like Samsung is referring to this as the “50% buy-back guarantee,” and assuming you hang onto a phone and treat it right, you could get half of the money back that you paid for your Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, or Galaxy S20 Ultra. This isn’t a trade-in program – it’s a send-your-phone-back-and-get-cash program.

The program allows Galaxy S20 owners who bought their phones directly from Samsung to opt into a guaranteed buy-back situation that covers the phone for 24 months. During that 2-year period, if you decide you want to return your phone, you can do so and get 50% of the cost back. For a Galaxy S20, that would mean $499.99 back, or at least $599.99 back for the S20+. The Galaxy S20 Ultra could get you up to $799.99 back.

Samsung Buy Back Guarantee

Now, there are a set of conditions your phone needs to meet before Samsung will hand you cash back to your original payment account. The phone needs to turn on, have a functioning display with no issues, no breaks or cracks anywhere, a minimal amount of dings or scratches or dents, no water damage, no blacklisting, no Google Factory Reset protection, etc. You need to keep the phone in really good shape, is what we’re getting at here.

Overall, though, this seems like a really good deal for those of you who might want a Galaxy S20, yet are worried about the ridiculous prices and whether or not they’ll hold value for long. Samsung is telling you that they’ll at least make sure you get 50% of the original value back if you buy from them.

Oh, and to sweeten the deal, Samsung says that you can participate in some promos too. For example, they’ll give you “everyday trade-in offers” in combination with the guaranteed buy-back program. I’m assuming that leaves out the extra-high trade-in prices we see when phones first launch, but stacking an “everyday” trade-in with 50% value could be a substantial discount.

Interested in joining this 50% buy-back program? You can do so today when you buy a Galaxy S20 from Samsung.

More on this new program can be found here, plus FAQ here.



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