This Icon Pack is Hot: Minimal O

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Now seems like a good time to share a hot icon pack. I spotted it on Twitter, shared by one of our buddies from the PhoneBuzz Podcast. Somewhat off topic, but if you need yet another tech podcast to consume, I recommend it. Anyway, the icon pack is called Minimal O, priced at just $0.99 over on Google Play.

I like this pack because of the minimal approach to pretty much all of the icons. In some cases, such as Google Maps, it can be almost too minimal, but a lot of the more popular apps have multiple icons to choose from, just in case you aren’t happy with the default selection. And while many are opting for new icon shapes, I prefer the traditional circle option, so this pack is right up my alley.

There’s a good amount of the color in the pack, aligning rather well with my Droid Life-themed aesthetic on Nova Launcher. The icon pack comes with 6,000+ icons, a ton of cloud-based wallpapers to go along with it, as well as an icon request feature.

Note: For those who might ask, the wallpaper is from the Abstruct app on Google Play.

If you need a facelift for your phone, check it out!

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