Gmail Might be Down, Plus Hangouts and Drive and More (Updated)


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Yep, Gmail is down (for some).

Noticed that your Gmail isn’t quite acting like you want it nor is Google Drive or Hangouts Chat/Meet? That’s because there is a pretty major Google outage at the moment.

On Google’s G Suite Status Dashboard, they have acknowledged that a bunch of products are being investigating after reports of issues from users. The entire list includes Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Hangouts Chat, Hangouts Meet, the Admin console, and Google Classroom.

  • UPDATE 9:33AM: Google just added Calendar and regular Hangouts to the list of affected services.
  • UPDATE 9:46AM: According to Google senior VP of engineering Urs Holzle, there was a router failure in Atlanta that affected traffic in the region. That has been addressed and “things should be back to normal now.”

  • UPDATE 2:00PM: And now we have a statement from a Google spokesperson on the root cause of the issue:

“Some of our users experienced a service disruption today, as a result of a significant router failure in one of our data centers in the South Eastern US, causing network congestion. As a result, Google services running in that data center were directly impacted and were unavailable until our engineers rerouted the traffic and moved those services to alternate facilities. Users in the South Eastern US may also have seen temporary difficulties in accessing a wider range of Google services due to the network congestion. For more details, please visit our status dashboard (Google Cloud Status Dashboard).”

Since Google is only investigating, we don’t know how long things will be affected or what the issue is. But again, if you noticed your Google apps acting funky, Google is looking into.

We’ll update this post as this develops. For now, keep checking Google apps status here.



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