Verizon Gives Customers Extra 15GB of Data to Use Amid Coronavirus Crisis


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As a part of their pledge to support those affected by coronavirus, Verizon today announced that they are giving wireless and small business customers an extra 15GB of data to use at no additional charge. Since so many have unlimited data plans, there are some things to note here.

First of all, the free 15GB of data is available to customers from March 25 through April 30. It will be added to your plans at no charge and new customers can also take advantage. You do not need to do anything to get the data as it will be added automatically.

If you are an unlimited customer, Verizon is getting you the data in the form of additional hotspot data. For prepaid folks, you’ll get the 15GB added to your plan for use in almost any way. Jetpack customers are included in the bonus as well.

Here’s the breakdown of who gets what, according to Verizon:

  • For Verizon consumer and small business postpaid unlimited customers, 15GB of 4G LTE hotspot data will be added to your current plan.
  • For Verizon consumer prepaid and consumer and small business postpaid metered customers, 15GB will be added to your current standalone or shared data plan, which can be used for smartphone, hotspot or other connected device use.
  • Standalone metered and unlimited Jetpack plans will also be provided an additional 15GB of 4G LTE data.
  • There is no action needed as the data will automatically be added to your plan.

Verizon did specify that all plans availableĀ since 2015 are eligible for this data boost, including the following plans: More Everything, Verizon Plan 1.0, Verizon Plan 2.0, the Verizon Unlimited Plan, and all Mix & Match Unlimited plans. For small businesses, as long as you have 50 lines or less, you too will get the data boost.

This news of a free 15GB data comes in addition to Verizon’s pledge to keep everyone connected and not charge late fees. Of course, that whole pledge is quite vague and they never did respond to us when we asked for specifics on how people can take advantage. That’s pretty shitty, to be honest, and they should make it crystal clear how you can take advantage of everything during this time of crisis.

As for the free data, again, you should see it on March 25.

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