Verizon Launches Yahoo Mobile, a Prepaid Service Just Like Visible

Yahoo Mobile

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Since Verizon still owns the Yahoo brand and needs to do something with all of those assets that they spent over $4 billion on, they’ve decided that launching a prepaid service with the name is an option. Today, Verizon launched Yahoo Mobile, a wireless service that uses Verizon’s network, has no contracts, and costs just $39.99 per month.

If you head over to the new Yahoo Mobile site, you’ll notice it looks a lot like one of Verizon’s other prepaid brands: Visible. In fact, the websites are almost identically laid out, only Yahoo Mobile is a combination of purple and white instead of blue and white. But all of the links and the layout of the websites are exactly the same. Even the price of the plan and its benefits match up.

Speaking of the plan, here it is:

  • Unlimited text, talk and data
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot for use with one connected device at a time
  • Yahoo Mail Pro for ad-free email
  • Account Pro for 24/7 Yahoo account customer service
  • On Verizon’s 4G LTE network
  • All for $39.99/month

So for $40, you get unlimited data on Verizon’s network (speeds slowed at times of congestions), unlimited hotspot (speeds capped at 5Mbps), and a Yahoo Mail Pro account. Actually, you have to use a Yahoo account in order to get Yahoo Mobile access, so prepare yourselves for that idea.

Yahoo Mobile has phones available for purchase or you can bring your own, you access everything in your account from the new Yahoo Mobile app, and overall, this all looks like a decent deal, just like Visible is.

Hit those links below if interested.

Google Play Link | Sign-up for Yahoo Mobile



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