This Mophie Powerstation Go Wirelessly Charges My Phone and Jumpstarts My Car

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Earlier this year, mophie introduced the Powerstation Go, a portable power bank not only designed to charge your devices while on the go, but it can also jumpstart your car or SUV. Naturally, I asked mophie to send me one and they obliged. This compact brick now lives in my trunk in case of emergencies and I couldn’t be more at ease should I ever have a dead battery.

Now, due to the nature of this product and depending on where you store it, you may not use it much (that’s a good thing, dead car batteries suck), but again, it’s your typical power bank should that be what you need. It’s a bit pricey at $160 if all you need is a power bank, but it also comes equipped with an LED flashlight (good for camping) and 115V AC output (65W) for charging things such as laptop computers. I do believe the real selling point here is the included mini spark-proof jumper cables.

In terms of juice, the Powerstation Go packs 44,400mWh of capacity. That should be enough to charge your phone or tablet quite a few times. I used it to wirelessly charge my Pixel 4 XL and Galaxy S20 Ultra for a bit (capped at 5W output) and that hardly seemed to make a dent in the bank’s life. Again, a solid accessory to just have around in the office or in your car, just in case.

Thankfully, I haven’t needed to use it to jumpstart my car so I can’t comment on whether it works well, but if I do, I’m confident I won’t have to call AAA. Included with the bank is a little carrying bag that has jumpstart instructions on it. The process is like jumpstarting most other cars — attach cables (red = positive, black = negative), hit the jumpstart button, wait for light to be solid green, and then go start your car.

Unfortunately, the Powerstation Go is currently sold out in most colors (Rose Gold option is available), but they do have a waitlist going if you’re interested. Follow the link below to check it out.

Buy Powersation Go ($160)



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