Galaxy S20 Ultra: Unboxing and Tour!

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Kellen unboxed the Galaxy S20 earlier this week, but if you’re like me, you need something with a bit more oomph in your pocket. That’s where the Galaxy S20 Ultra comes in.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra comes equipped with all of the insane specs you’d expect from a phone that starts at $1,400. It has a massive 6.9″ WQHD+ display with a capable refresh rate of 120Hz, Snapdragon 865 processor with 5G connectivity, 12GB+ RAM, tons of storage (and microSD support!), 5,000mAh battery, and Android 10. For full specs of the Galaxy S20 family, look here.

Starting now, I will be using the Ultra as my daily and working towards my full review. Won’t you join me on this journey?

Watch the below video to get started.



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