Nest Outage Prompts Refunds to Nest Aware Subscribers

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Earlier this week, Google’s Nest experienced an outage that prevented their cameras from recording and streaming live for a solid 4 hours. During that time, no video history was captured, which you can imagine probably left some folks worried about their homes, businesses, and the 15 Amazon deliveries they had scheduled for that day.

Because Google feels bad about that lost time, they are not only “carefully looking across [their] systems to prevent this from happening again,” they also have money for some of you. If you happen to be a Nest Aware customer and subscribe to longer video history and additional Nest camera features, they are giving you money back for your subscription.

For me, because I’m a $5/mo Nest Aware customer, I’m going to get a $5 refund. I’m not sure if subscribers with more expensive plans are getting more or not, you’ll have to tell me.

The refund will come across without any action from you. Nest says that you don’t need to contact customer service, just sit back and wait for the refund confirmation email to arrive.

Hopefully, all your packages are safe.

You can find more on the Nest outage at the Nest Community space.

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