Peanut Butter Maker Partners With GIPHY to End GIF Pronunciation Debate

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The debate is settled! No more will we have to battle amongst ourselves over the proper pronunciation of GIF, all thanks to a new promotional partnership between Jif, the peanut butter maker, and GIPHY, the GIF-slinging service that acts like they own the rights to every GIF ever made.

According to new promotional jars of peanut butter now up for sale on Amazon (priced at $10), the companies declare that GIF is pronounced with a hard g. Jif is still pronounced the proper way with a soft g.

Jif, said with a “soft G,” is America’s number one peanut butter. GIFs, said with a “hard G,” are the frequently shared looping videos that add humor, culture, and entertainment into people’s daily conversations (of which GIPHY serves 10 billion each day).

To prove how Jif and GIF differ, Jif has created a limited run of specially labeled jars – yes, they say “Gif” right on the front – now available on Amazon at just under $10 while they last. With a tongue-in-cheek label, these collectibles can help Jif fans spread the news (get it?) that Jif – with a “soft G” – should be all about the peanut butter.

Silly, right? The only issue I foresee is that the creator of the GIF, Steve Wilhite, has stated that it should be pronounced jif. I mean, I feel like the creator should have final say on how it’s pronounced, but that’s just me.

If you need your very own limited edition GIF peanut butter jar, hit the link below.

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