YouTube Music Might Soon Get Play Music’s Music Locker Feature

YouTube Music

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We’re still waiting for Google to make YouTube Music the Play Music replacement we deserve, but according to a new report from 9to5Google, we might actually be headed in the right direction here shortly.

In the report that cites sources, Google is internally testing a beta of YouTube Music that features a music locker / music upload feature that has made Play Music a favorite among users since its inception. To put it ever so simply, if you have music on your computer or wherever that you want to be able to stream via the service, such as you can right now with Play Music, that functionality is currently being worked into YouTube Music. You’ll upload music to the service and then be able to stream it from the cloud. Easy enough, right?

Not only is Google still working to bring these features over, but the report also indicates that the push to have folks migrate from Play Music to YouTube Music may be right around the corner. One source claims Play Music users could be invited to port over libraries within the next few months, with Google Play Music shutting down completely in the second half of 2020.

We’ve been waiting a long time, Google.

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