$1500 Foldable Moto Razr Gets Torn Down, Put Back Together in Video

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We appreciate teardowns around here. No, not because we do a lot of self repair here in the office, but it’s cool to see all of the designing and effort that goes into creating the devices we care so much about.

As foldable phones like Motorola’s $1,500 Razr become more common to see, the below video is a great example of why teardowns are great. Thanks to PBKreviews on YouTube, we can confirm that if you intend to buy this phone, you probably shouldn’t attempt to repair it yourself.

The amount of intricate design and small mechanical pieces that make this phone function properly looks incredible, and while $1,500 for this somewhat underpowered phone seems kinda silly, seeing its internals and how it works sorta makes that high price justified. No, I’m not saying you should go buy one, but let us at least give a shoutout to the engineers behind the device and appreciate what they accomplished.

You won’t find us tearing down the Razr when we get one later this week, so watch the one below.



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