DEAL: You Can Still Get a 2-Pack of Nest Hubs for Only $99

Google Home Hub

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Earlier this week, a crazy good deal on Best Buy popped up that netted you a 2-pack of Nest Hub smart displays for just $99. That’s $50 a piece, which is down from their currently listed price of $99 on the Google Store. That deal expired on Best Buy, but it’s back again, this time on QVC’s dedicated web store.

If you didn’t catch it the first time around, here’s another chance.

If you don’t have a smart display in your home, they’re cool for a few reasons. First, they act as fantastic kitchen timers because you can actually see how much time you have left, instead of having to ask an Assistant-powered speaker how much time is left on the timer. They can be smart home hubs for controlling all sorts of connected gadgets in your house and they are also good picture frames for albums you have inside of Google Photos. At $$99, a 2-pack is a really good buy.

Don’t miss out.

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