Braun Audio Announces Comeback, Unveils Highly Priced Smart Speakers With Google Assistant at CES

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If you thought Braun was a name that only dabbled in toothbrushes and shavers, you’d be wrong! Don’t worry, I didn’t know Braun has a rich history in the audio game either, so we’re learning all of this together. Anyway, Braun Audio, located in Germany, is getting back into audio, announcing a full lineup of three smart speakers, each featuring Google Assistant.

Available later this year, there’s the LE01, LE02 and LE03. Each is a finely tuned and positively sex-ified speaker for your office or home setting, with the largest and most expensive model featuring “two custom 5.25-inch aluminum cone high-excursion fast-transient woofers, three full-range 2.5-inch Balanced Mode Radiator drive units, two quadratic 8-inch x 4.5-inch passive bass radiators, three Monolithic HD class-D power amplifiers, plus a 32-bit ARM multi-core digital signal processor for high accuracy and low noise.”

While that sounds good (pun!), the LE01 will cost you $1,199. 😳

Thankfully, it only gets cheaper from there! The least expensive of the range is the LE03, coming in at $379. It features a “custom 3.5-inch aluminum cone high-excursion fast-transient woofer, one full-range 1.5-inch Balanced Mode Radiator drive unit, one race-track 5-inch x 3-inch custom passive bass radiator, Monolithic class-D power amplifier,” plus what should be the same 32-bit ARM multi-core digital signal processor.

The mid-range LE02 is priced at $799.

According to the press release, the LE series will debut at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Design Store in New York and online at It goes on to say that, “Braun Audio is part of MoMA’s collection, and the speakers will be available in February at each of the MoMA Design Store locations in New York City.”

You should see these speakers have general availability in both Black and White, starting this summer.



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