OnePlus has an Idea That Might Save Your Battery

OnePlus Charger

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When you plug your phone in at bedtime and let it charge all night, there’s a chance that your phone could “overcharge” and reduce the lifespan of your battery. That sucks, especially since phones are getting more expensive and we are all hanging on to them for longer and longer periods of time. To help, OnePlus is planning to introduce a software feature called Optimized Charging.

With Optimized Charging, your phone will recognize your night time charging pattern, charge your phone in the middle of the night to 80%, then pause from finishing up the rest of the charge. Looking at your wake patterns, Optimized Charging will fire up the final 20% charge within 100 minutes of when you typically wake up to make sure you are at 100%.

That’s pretty cool, right?

OnePlus didn’t say when we might get Optimized Charging or which phones will support it. They did say that you’ll be able to turn it off or on by opening the settings app, tapping Battery, and then looking for Optimized Charging. There will be a shortcut to toggle this off and on in the notification drop down too, as well as special battery icons to let you know when your charging is being optimized.

They also said that in the future, Optimized Charging will be able to recognize a changing sleep cycle, like weekends or if you were to change time zones.

We’ll let you know if/when this new feature arrivecs.

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