DEAL: Google’s Pixel 4 Fabric Cases are 50% Off at Verizon

Pixel 4 Fabric Case Deal

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Almost all of Google’s self-made accessories for Pixel phones aren’t cheap. The USB-C earbuds aren’t. The chargers aren’t. And the cases certainly aren’t. The thing is, their accessories are often some of the best fitting or nicest quality compared to 3rd party options, so when deals are here, we point ’em out.

Verizon currently has the Pixel 4 Fabric Case at 50% off for both the 4 and 4 XL. Normally $40, that means you can grab one for $19.99 in two different colors.

If interested, Big Red has the Just Black and Sorta Smokey colors available. Google also sells coral and blueish versions, though those aren’t discounted.

For those not familiar with Pixel fabric cases, this is at least the third version that Google has done for its phones. They feature a cloth-like texture or weave, fit like a glove, and offer a decent amount of protection. They look pretty slick too. In the past, some haven’t held up well after daily use (Pixel 2), but others have been great (Pixel 3). To be safe, going black here isn’t a bad idea.

Verizon Links: Pixel 4 Fabric Case | Pixel 4 XL Fabric Case



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