Gift Idea: Nimble Makes Great Chargers, Offers Free E-Waste Recycling

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If you’re like me, you have a dedicated junk drawer which is designated for holding a whole bunch of stuff. While it used to be filled with random hot sauce packets and takeout menus, in this age of technology, my junk drawer is filled with a bunch of micro-USB cables and other miscellaneous tech crap.

Recently, I learned about Nimble, makers of various charging accessories who not only make their products from sustainable materials, but also offer free e-waste recycling with the purchase of any product. As we all try to be a bit more conscientious of our impact on the planet as consumers, it’s cool to see a company with this sentiment at the heart of its goal and what it produces.

For review purposes, I recently received a package from Nimble containing two different charger models. Specifically, I received a 10W Wireless Travel Kit ($80), plus a 10W Wireless Convertible Stand ($60).

The design of the chargers reminds me very much of the Nest and Home products we’ve been seeing from Google, since all of them appear to incorporate a cloth material in their designs. According to Nimble’s website, this fabric is made from a mixture of organic hemp and recycled plastic bottles. On top of that, all of Nimble’s packaging features zero use of plastic. Rock on, Nimble!

For contents, the Travel Kit features a wireless pad & dual USB wall charger. For specs, its wireless output is rated at 5W, 7.5W, and 10W (max), plus there’s an added USB-A port at 5V,1A. Those ratings are designed for Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone devices, but any Qi-compatible device will wirelessly charge just fine. I’ve been using my Pixel 4 XL on it and haven’t had any issues.

The Convertible Stand, as someone who sits at a desk all day, is a bit more up my alley. It offers the same 5W, 7.5W, and 10W (max) output, plus the added USB-A port at 5V,1A. Obviously, the fact that it doubles as a pad and as a phone stand make it ideal for office-dwelling folk such as myself. Again, I placed my Pixel 4 XL on this stand and it works just fine.

Both chargers have a good fit and finish to them and I really appreciate the use of the fabric instead of having more plain plastic in my space. It’s much easier on the eye when sitting on my desk, and frankly, it just looks cool.

As I mentioned in the beginning, Nimble offers free e-waste recycling with every purchase you make. With your purchase, you’ll receive a free “Clean out your junk drawer” e-waste recycling bag. You can see all of the items accepted here, and if they take whatever it is, you can print out a free shipping label and ship off whatever you’d like recycled. This is much better than tossing it in the garbage, believe me.

I like what Nimble is doing here and I like the quality of their products. Consider me #TeamNimble.

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