All Google Fi-Supported Android Devices Get Spam Call Warnings, WiFi Calling

Google Fi

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Customers of Google Fi sometimes receive different feature support, depending purely on which phone they have. It’s just one of those Android things, but this week, Google announced that it’s bringing additional Fi features that were previously announced to its entire list of supported devices — even one for iPhone users.

Today, users with any Fi compatible device (including iPhones) gain support for spam call warnings, plus the ability to block specific numbers. In addition, all Android phones on Google Fi are getting access to the service’s “enhanced VPN network” and WiFi Calling.

When you use our enhanced VPN network, all of your cellular and WiFi traffic are encrypted so you have peace of mind, knowing nobody else can see your online activity. And with WiFi calling, you can make and receive calls as long as you have a WiFi connection, even when you don’t have cellular coverage.

If you’re on Fi, you can find all of these new features on the dedicated Google Fi app inside the Phone Settings menu.

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