FYI: Google’s Opinion Rewards App Now Shows When Your Credit Will Expire

google opinion rewards

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In case you’re someone who doesn’t spend the money they earn inside the Opinion Rewards app from Google, allow this to serve as a heads up that the app now details exactly when the free credit you earn with the app will expire. With the updated app, you’ll see the expiration date for the oldest credit associated with the account right under your balance (shown below).

This update follows the news that your credit vanishes after a year of non-usage, but that’s just crazy because who is out there sitting on free Google Play credit and not spending it?

If you aren’t using Opinion Rewards, well, there’s never a wrong time to get started. Basically, Google serves you surveys and other kinds of questions, which you can answer if you’re cool with that, then you get compensated in free-to-spend Google Play credit. It’s easily one of the best apps ever.

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