Gapless Playback for YouTube Music Rolling Out to More Users

YouTube Music

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YouTube Music fans, a big thing is coming to your favorite music service. That’s right, it’s gapless playback for Android and web playback! And just so we’re clear, that’s the thing that allows for there to be no pause between songs when listening to an album or playlist.

If you aren’t seeing it in your app yet, do note that this appears to be a server-side change on Google’s part, so if you don’t have it yet, there’s no real method to the madness in terms of getting it. You’ll just have to be patient, but do make sure you have the latest version of the app from Google Play.

At some point, Google plans to have YouTube Music replace Google Play Music, but from our latest experience with YouTube Music, they still have a ways to go. Our fingers are crossed that Google doesn’t pull the plug on Play Music too early. After all, Play Music is still a good service with a lot of my personal music uploaded to its servers. Don’t mess this transition up, Google.

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