These Galaxy S11 Renders are Looking Hot

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Thanks to @OnLeaks, who has a solid history of providing accurate renders well ahead of anything official from companies, we might be getting our first good look at the Galaxy S11 from Samsung this week.

On the frontside, the Galaxy S11 looks very similar to the Galaxy Note 10, with its centered punch-hole cutout and minimal bezel, but the backside of the device is where things are changing quite a bit.

The camera module looks massive, featuring what could be up to three regular camera sensors, a 3D ToF (time of flight) sensor, plus an additional sensor thats purpose is not yet known. We can also see an LED flash present. On the right side of the device, we can see dedicated buttons for power and volume settings, and then on the bottom, we have a speaker grille, USB-C port, and what we assume is a noise cancelling mic hole.

It’s only November, meaning we have quite a bit before Samsung starts teasing this device with anything official. However, Samsung does have a tendency to announce things that might be included on the device ahead of unveiling, such as an improved display, camera sensor technology, and things of that nature. Piece by piece, we’ll likely have a solid understanding of what the Galaxy S11 family will be by the time CES 2020 comes in early January.

What’s your take so far? This thing look hot to you?

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