Your $100 Google Store Credit From Buying a Pixel 4 Should be Here (Updated)

Pixel 4

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Pre-ordering a Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL this year meant you were in line to receive a $100 bonus of some type. If you ordered through Best Buy, you were getting a $100 Best Buy gift card. If you ordered through Amazon, same thing, a $100 Amazon gift card. Those bonuses arrived almost immediately. With Google Store pre-orders, the situation has been different.

Google Store pre-orders were supposed to come with a $100 store credit to be spent on accessories. Google even suggested the credit was there for those who might want audio accessories, since they failed to include any in the box. For whatever reason, those credits were not delivered right away and some of us were beginning to worry if they would even be here for the holiday shopping season.

  • UPDATE: Google finally sent out emails this morning to confirm that the $100 credits are here. They expire on January 31, 2020, so no, you won’t be able to hold onto them until the new Pixel Buds launch.

Within the past couple of days, those credits finally began showing up. We aren’t sure why there was a delay and I’m not sure any of us have received email confirmation of the credit, but if you head into your Google Store settings page, you should see the $100 balance.

If you see it in there, you should be good to go shopping!

Did you pre-order two Pixel 4 devices and only have $100? Well, that’s because there was a limit of 1 per customer. If you ordered two from Amazon, as I did, you would get two $100 gift cards. With the Google Store – just 1.

What are you guys buying with it?



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