MIRROR, At-Home Workout Platform You’ve Likely Seen Commercials For, Launches Android App

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If you’ve caught a bit of cable TV recently, I think it’s safe to assume that you’ve seen a commercial or two for MIRROR, an at-home workout platform that is built directly into a physical mirror you place on the floor or hang on your wall.

It’s a snazzy product, and while I’m sure everyone would love to bring a MIRROR into their home, the starting price is $1,495, plus a $39/month subscription. That’s just slightly out of my allotted health and fitness budget.

If you do have a MIRROR, though, the big news this week is that the company has launched its official Android app, after having only an iOS for a while.

Now Android users can now enjoy access to the 70+ live classes added each week, as well as the hundreds of thousands of on-demand fitness classes. For the first time, Android users can also bring the country’s top trainers into their homes for one-on-one sessions through MIRROR’s immersive technology.

You can get started by following the link below.

Google Play Link



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