SHIELD TV (2019) Gets Purchased at Best Buy, Apparently Starts at $149

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NVIDIA has yet to make the new SHIELD TV models official, but we know something is coming. And because we know something is coming, folks are apparently walking into Best Buy and asking if they have the new SHIELD TV, then presumably unknowingly, Best Buy associates are selling SHIELD TV (2019) units to people.

This is the story of at least one individual on reddit. Thanks to them, we now have a look at the retail packaging of the SHIELD TV (2019), as well as the price.

From photos they posted, specs are all confirmed, which you can see above. The big additions in 2019 over the 2017 models appear to be “AI Upscaling,” that fancy new remote, and Dolby Vision. For pricing, the little tube SHIELD appears to cost $149, while the “Pro” model is $199.

Good job, Best Buy.

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