Pixel 4’s Single Front Camera Almost as Wide-Angle as Pixel 3’s

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One of the Pixel 3’s best features was undoubtedly the wide-angle secondary camera that was included for selfies. Instead of following the industry trend of doubling up cameras on the rear of last year’s Pixel 3, Google did it to the front to help you fit more people into your shots. With the Pixel 4, the absence of a secondary camera clearly had a number of you worried that the wide-angle action you were used to was gone. Now that the phone is official and the specs are available, we know that the single front shooter on the Pixel 4 is actually pretty close to the 3’s wide-angle lens.

Both cameras are 8MP, but the Pixel 4 shoots at f/2.0 and with a 90° field of view. The Pixel 3’s wide-angle shot at f/2.2 and with a 97° field of view. The standard selfie camera on the Pixel 3 shot at a 75° field of view. So as you can tell from the specs of each camera, the single 8MP front camera on the Pixel 4 shoots pretty damn wide.

How wide? Here are some fabulous, in-the-rain shots I just took to compare. Please ignore the quality, though, as I dropped the file size down substantially and was simply trying to show the field of view.

Pixel 4 vs. Pixel 3 Standard

Pixel 4 Selfie Pixel 3 Selfie Standard

Pixel 4 vs. Pixel 3 Wide

Pixel 4 Selfie Pixel 3 Selfie Wide

Think you can fit a few of the homies in a selfie shot on the Pixel 4? Probably close to it, or maybe one less. You’ll all probably look less distorted at least.



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