Google Play Dark Theme is, Like, For Real Here

Google Play Dark Theme

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At least, I’m pretty sure Google Play dark theme is here.

I don’t know why this needs an entire post, but Google Play dark theme showed up on two of my phones and I’m feeling blessed. Since I’m the last person on Google’s list to get anything involved in a staged rollout, aka the Android Fun-Killer, that should mean you should have whatever it is I’m writing up as a slow rollout, which in this case is the darker Google Play.

I’m actually not alone in this, a bunch of bros at reddit also received it today, as did a couple of our readers who pinged us. A number of them lost dark Google App/Assistant, though, so that’s fun. Staged, server-side rollouts! The best!

Google Play Dark Theme

To check for the darkness, flip on your phone’s dark theme and open Google Play. My guess is that most of you have it. Both my Pixel 3 and OnePlus 7T do.

I should point out that my Galaxy Fold with its dark theme enabled, will not flip on Google Play’s dark theme, even if it has no issue with other dark themed Google apps. I’m not sure if Google did something different with the Google Play system trigger or what. There’s no toggle to force it either, unfortunately. Google should read my story from yesterday!



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