Galaxy Fold Unboxing and Tour!

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Galaxy Fold day is finally here after all this time and we were able to secure a couple of devices. We can now get busy with the future that is foldable phones. We are pretty damn excited too, even if we already know this $2,000 phone is likely so niche and impractical that no one should ever really consider buying one.

To get started on our Galaxy Fold coverage, we ran through the classic unboxing experience. Since this is a $1,980 phone with more in the box than your standard goods, this is one you might want to watch, unboxing fan or not.

Oh, and this is the first time I’ve played with the Galaxy Fold or a foldable phone, so there’s plenty of fun in that reaction to the first fold – the first time I see a phone bent completely in half. Seriously, this phone folds and I’m kind of mind-blown.




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