Gmail Dark Theme Begins Rolling Out Today

Gmail Dark

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Alongside the Android 10 announcement earlier this month, Google told us that Gmail would soon be able to play with the Android version’s new dark mode, but not until later in the month. As we approach the end of September, we’re officially at “later in the month,” and Gmail’s dark theme is set to start rolling out today.

How do you turn on dark theme for Gmail? You have a few options.

  1. If you are running Android 10, turning on your system-level dark theme should do the trick
  2. If you own a Pixel phone, you could turn on Battery Saver mode
  3. Open up Gmail, head into Settings>Theme and select “Dark”

Of course, you have to have dark theme in you Gmail app for any of that to work and Google could be slowly rolling it out as it always does with big new features. So you may want to keep checking for option 3 before wondering why your phone’s dark theme isn’t also flipping Gmail over to the dark side.

Anyone seeing it yet?

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