OnePlus TV Remote App Capable of Actual Magic

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OnePlus is doing its usual thing again, in which they hype up every little tidbit about some upcoming product. This time, it’s more OnePlus TV.

In a tweet OnePlus CEO Pete Lau states, “Fast, smooth, seamless control through your smartphone.” An attached photo shows the top of the OnePlus TV’s remote, along with a OnePlus smartphone and says, “Redefine how you control your TV.”

Unless you’re still using a TV with a knob to change channels, controlling a newer TV with a smartphone isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but what really has us hyped about this app is the keyboard functionality. For the longest time, typing something into a Smart TV is a total pain in the rear. You have to click about a thousand times to enter emails and passwords, but check out what OnePlus’ app is capable of.

As we can see, whatever you type into the app, it magically types on the TV. This is some revolutionary stuff here, people.

We still have no idea how much this TV is going to cost and I’m very nervous that it’s going to be too expensive for what it is. We shall see.

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