Here’s the OnePlus TV Remote With Google Assistant Button

OnePlus TV Remote

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The OnePlus TV is a 55″ QLED TV with 8 speakers and Android TV that will arrive later this month in India. The rest of the experience offered is still unofficial, but OnePlus’ CEO Pete Lau just showed off the remote, adding to the story before they tell us when exactly we can get one and for how much.

The remote, which we’ve included at the top of this post and in the Tweet from Lau below, has some things to talk about.

For one, that’s a Google Assistant button on the left side with the blue circle, for those not familiar with the Assistant logo. We already know that Android TV is on board, but seeing that Assistant button means you’ll be able to grab the remote and ask the Assistant just about anything you would with a smart speaker or your phone.

Along with the Assistant button, you can see back and home buttons, and a d-pad with centered button, just like other Android TV remotes have. Where this gets somewhat interesting is in the OnePlus logo button, a menu button, and then another button that is simply blank. A menu button is sort of self explanatory and might be a really nice addition to Android TV. But what will that OnePlus button launch? Some sort of OnePlus hub or control center? Is a blank button something that will be customize-able ? I don’t know, but now I really want to!

Finally, you can see a volume rocker on the side of the remote as well as a USB-C port on the bottom that should lead to a rechargeable remote.

As far as remotes go, this looks pretty nice. More than anything, though, I’m excited to see what OnePlus has cooked up for Android TV.



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