With All the Pixel 4 Leaks, Your Thoughts Are?

Google Pixel 4

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By the time Google gets around the announcing the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, we’ll be in the same position we have been for the past couple of Pixel releases. We’ll know everything. We’ll know the features, the design, and possibly see a couple of reviews. Google, once again, has done a really poor job of keeping its phones under wraps.

With that said, we now know a lot! And because we know so much, I’m curious what your current thoughts are. I sort of get the feeling that people have really warmed up to the design after not being so excited initially. I’m mostly getting good vibes from people, but would love for you to weigh-in below.

What are your thoughts on the design and colors now? You OK with the forehead or nah? Are the specs good enough? Did the 90Hz display confirmation really tip things? Are the software additions (Ambient EQ, Pixel Themes, Face Unlock, etc.) enough?

Let us know.




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