Nest Hub Max Now Available for Purchase! (Updated)

Nest Hub Max

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Google’s Nest Hub Max, a smart display with a camera that can recognize your face, is now available at Best Buy for $229 and should arrive at a variety of retailers later in the day. It is September 9, after all, the day that Google kept suggesting would be the day you could buy one.

What is the Nest Hub Max? It’s like the Google Nest Hub, only it has a 10″ HD display, bigger and better speaker setup (stereo speakers + 3″ woofer), ambient light sensors, couple of mics, and a Nest camera built- right into the front. It’ll fire up Google Assistant at any time, let you play media and music, show you the weather, help you with recipes, and act as the best Google Photos digital frame ever, like all smart displays.

Again, it’s mostly a bigger Nest Hub, but then that Nest camera adds some extra smarts. That Nest cam is smart enough to to recognize your family or roommates and switch over settings or information for that person as they walk into a room. It’s creepy, yeah, but also cool in a weird techy, futuristic way. Oh, it can also be a Nest indoor security camera if you are out and want to check on your dog or something.

Nest Hub Max comes in charcoal or chalk and can be purchased through the links below.

  • UPDATED: Available at other retailers now, including Google Store.

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