Google Pixel Phones Just Stopped by the FCC…but What are They? (Updated)

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Today is shaping up to be a big day, as unknown Google Pixel phones just stopped by the FCC.

The device showed up as model number G020 and there are multiple letter variants including G020I, G020J, G020P, G020Q, G020M, and G020N. We initially thought these were Pixel 4 devices, but the model numbers actually match that of the Pixel 3a which had model numbers of G020A, G020B, G020C, G020D, G020E, G020F, G020G, and G020H.

We’re still diving into the documents for info, but aren’t seeing anything super fun at the moment, just regular LTE support, WiFi, and Bluetooth tests.

  • UPDATE 1: So there is a 60GHz low-power transmitter assessment done on these phones that could very well be a test for Project Soli. The transmitter operates in a frequency range of  58 – 63.5GHz, which is exactly what Project Soli and its radar needs. This could be the Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL, but that model number thing is odd and doesn’t make sense in how Google handles devices. Let’s go with a maybe on this one.

We’re updating this post…

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NOTE: We initially thought these new listings might be for the Pixel 4, but we are not able to confirm that at this time. Apologies for the big edit down.



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