You can Pre-Register for Mario Kart Tour on Android

Mario Kart Tour Android

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After teasing Mario Kart Tour for mobile in February of 2018, followed by an official “coming this summer” announcement back in April, we now have an official date. Mario Kart Tour downloads will commence on September 25.

Nintendo will release the game on both iOS and Android, with pre-registration already open. In fact, if you hit that link below, you can pre-register on Google Play right now to be notified when the game is available for installation.

Not sure what Mario Kart Tour is? Where have you been? It’s, like, Mario Kart, man. In this version, you get to take on classic Mario Kart courses, as well as some that represent real-world cities. There are items and battling and your favorite drivers and badges and bonus challenge courses and an online ranking, so you’ll need a Nintendo account to play.

It’s probably going to be great, until they ask us to pay to play.

Pre-register for Mario Kart Tour

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