Presumed Android TV-Powered OnePlus TV Stops Off at Bluetooth SIG


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Last year, we learned of OnePlus‘ desire to enter the world of televisions. This week, it appears that multiple models have stopped off at Bluetooth SIG in the long process of product certification, with a few details able to be taken away from the listing.

According to the models listed, it appears that buyers can expect LCD screen sizes to range all the way from 43″ to 75″, with availability spanning from India to the USA. Of course, given this is Bluetooth certification, the TVs show Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

OnePlus has yet to confirm what OS will be powering its smart TV experience, but it’s been assumed that Android TV is the main choice. That assumption aligns with what’s shown on Bluetooth SIG as “Unique Android TV” under the product’s description. Last year, the company stated that its goal is to create a “clean, efficient, and smart” television.

Sadly, we know nothing of pricing yet or availability.

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