Verizon’s Four New “Unlimited” Plans are Available, Should You Switch to One?

New Verizon Unlimited Plans

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At the end of last week, we told you all about Verizon’s new Start, Play More, Do More, and Get More unlimited plans. As of this morning, those new plans are all available for you to switch to, should you find value or savings in any of them.

For many of you, switching to one of the new plans could save you some money. Compared to the Go, Beyond, and Above unlimited plans, most are $5 cheaper yet don’t cut any significant features.

For example, between the two top tier plans – Get More unlimited (new) and Above unlimited (old) – Verizon is including 10GB of added hotspot data per month and giving customers 50% off tablet or jetpack unlimited plans with prices $5-$10 cheaper per line. It looks like Verizon may have done away with the 5 monthly travel passes, but I’d imagine those weren’t being used by most of you.

For those of you on Beyond unlimited plans, deciding between Play More and Do More won’t be easy, but still should save you at least $5 per line. If it were me, I’d skip the Do More plan, as it might contain more “premium” LTE data (50GB), but you only get 480p video streams and no free Apple Music. If you choose Play More, you are still getting a bump in “premium” LTE data (to 25GB from 22GB on Beyond), plus you keep 720p (HD) streaming and get Apple Music for free. The Do More plan seems like a plan for those who never stream video and use another music service, all while gobbling up data in other ways.

As for the Start vs Go unlimited plans, they are basically identical. The only difference is that Start unlimited is $5 cheaper, so you may want to consider jumping over to it for the savings alone.

Anyone make the switch?

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