MEATER Block Officially Up for Sale, Priced at $269

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The MEATER Block is officially available as of yesterday, July 1. Priced at $269, Block comes with four MEATER smart meat thermometers, plus a bamboo hub that stores and charges the probes, features an OLED display, and has built-in speakers for audible alerts.

I usually wouldn’t go around telling folks to drop this kinda money on a meat thermometer, but if you’re someone who takes roasting, grilling, smoking, or another form meat cooking really, really seriously, then MEATER is pretty damn awesome.

MEATER smart meat thermometer

We’ve reviewed the single MEATER probe before, so if you missed that, I recommend you check it out. Basically, if there’s one tool I can point to that has helped me become a master of the ribeye steak, it’s MEATER. Not only will the probes track your internal and external temperatures, but the MEATER app shows you exact cook timings, lets you know how long to rest the meat for, plus a whole lot more. It’s quite comprehensive.

It’s July, which means grilling season is in full effect. Check it out.

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