Google Auto-Delete Feature for Location History, Activity Data Arrives Today

Auto Delete Google Location

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After announcing in May that you would soon be able to set your location history and activity data to auto-delete, Google is now rolling the options out. Through a Tweet, Google says to expect auto-delete controls on Android and iOS as early as today. Not everyone will get them right away, but feel free to check to see if you are one of the lucky early rollers.

You’ll know by heading to your Google Account “Activity controls” page. The GIF in the Tweet below shows you how this will work, but basically you are looking for a button that lets you “Choose to delete automatically.” From there, you’ll find options of 18 months, 3 months, or manual deletion.

Why would you want to auto-delete your location and activity history from Google? I’d ask why wouldn’t you want to? Google already knows enough about you and I’m not sure it needs to know your entire life. Keeping some data around may help with general web and app usage, but that’s up to you to decide on.



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