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Once Google decided to combine Nest and Google Home products under a category called “Google Nest,” it was only a matter of time before they consolidated websites for the two. As far as I can tell, today, Google has officially killed off

Well, they did not fully kill it, because you still need to go there to login to your Nest web portal, to manage your Nest Aware subscriptions, and view previous order history, but that’s mostly all that is left. Nest support now redirects to Google’s own support pages for Nest products, you can no longer buy anything from Nest’s store, and their blog and press room are gone. Nest Pro, developers, and energy and insurance partner pages are hidden too, but can still be accessed if you have direct links. Hopefully, you already accessed everything you needed to access from there.

When entering the Nest site now, you are told from the top that “ has moved to the Google Store.” There is a FAQ worth reading if you are a Nest customer, because this change to Google Nest has been somewhat awkward.


Google Nest Store



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