Google Sends Pixel 3a Owners $50-Off Code to Share With Friends

Pixel 3a $50 Off

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If you happened to buy a Pixel 3a in recent weeks, keep an eye out for an email in your inbox from Google that will help save a friend $50 off their own Pixel 3a or Pixel 3a XL and also get you $50 to spend on whatever else you have been eyeing from Google.

Google is calling this an “exclusive Pixel 3a offer” that features a specific code your friend or family member will use at checkout to get the $50 off. Once they’ve made the purchase, you should be able to buy something on your own with a $50 credit from the Google Store. Typically, Google will let you know that your $50 is available to spend.

Know anyone looking at the Pixel 3a? If you do, send them our Pixel 3a review and also this write-up on why the 3a’s plastic is awesome.

Looking to buy your own Pixel 3a at a discount? I’ll drop a code in the comments. You may find others from other DL readers too.

Pixel 3a $50 Off



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