Crowdfund Spotlight: $129 Luna Smart Lamp Offers Fast Wireless Charging, Alexa, and Built-In Bluetooth Speaker

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When it comes to crowdfunding a smartphone, I refuse. If we’re talking about basic consumer items, such as a smart lamp, that’s something I can get behind, simply because the hurdles for such a product are not nearly as mountainous as they are for a phone. Speaking of, don’t miss the latest update in the Saygus saga.

The newest cool thing to hit Indiegogo is the Luna Smart Lamp, a WiFi-toting lamp that offers 15W fast wireless charging for your phone or other compatible devices, light therapy, Bluetooth for music playing, as well as Amazon Alexa for added smarts.


  • Dimmable LED Lighting
  • 15W Fast Qi wireless charging
  • Amazon Alexa built-in
  • 7W Bluetooth speaker
  • USB-C charging output
  • 16M light color combinations

If I was to incorporate this product into my life, I see it as the perfect nightstand lamp. I’d be decluttering my nightstand quite a bit if I got rid of my existing lamp and phone charger by replacing them with Luna. The only issue I have, though, is Luna uses Alexa and not Google Assistant. Fingers are crossed for a Luna that offers Assistant down the road.

If Luna sounds cool to you, do note that it costs $129 on Indiegogo (Super Early Bird pricing), which is actually almost 50% off its suggested retail price. Shipments are expected in December of this year, with the retail price somewhere around $250. That seems nuts for a lamp, but you have to keep in mind that if you were to buy each product that this lamp replaces (Echo, designer lamp, Bluetooth speaker, fast wireless charger, and USB C charger), you’d be spending about $275.

Find all of the info you need by following the link below.

Indiegogo Link



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