Home Not Compatible With Nest Hello Video Doorbell? This $29 Adapter Can Help

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If your current residence doesn’t already have a wired doorbell or possibly doesn’t feature the correct transformer to power a Nest Hello video doorbell from Google, the Google Store is now selling a $29 wall adapter from a company called Ninety7.

With it, instead of the Nest Hello being powered by the home’s internal wiring, you’ll essentially plug the video doorbell into a wall outlet via a grommet. This solution makes the Nest Hello compatible with any home and owners can then use a Google Home device to act as the chime.

This is clever.

The $29 package includes the adapter itself, 20ft of wire, 10 cable clips, plus a wall grommet. If you’re concerned about having to install this yourself, I wouldn’t, as most Nest Pros should be able to handle running a bit of wire through a wall. If you’re a DIY person, here’s an instructional PDF.

Not everyone’s home is the same, so if this adapter can help turn your home into a smart home, then $29 (not including price of professional installation and additional hardware) doesn’t seem like a bad price to pay.

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