Question: What Phone From Back in the Day Would You Buy in 2019 if They Updated the Specs?

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As a bit of a #TBT, I have a fun question for you.

Let’s say Motorola, Samsung, or whoever decided to re-release one of its old phones, but updated the internals to go along with what we have in 2019. For example, a Galaxy Nexus with a QHD display and Snapdragon 855 processor. Or maybe an OG DROID with FHD display and dual rear cameras? 

I get that most of you will likely choose whichever hardware you’re most fond of, but that’s fine. Have some fun with it. For me, while it’d be fun to say the Galaxy Nexus or OG DROID, I’m going to have to go with the HTC One X. I loved the body of that phone, and if they re-released it today with updated specs and maybe a redesign of the front side (to get rid of the touch buttons and enlarge the display, I could totally see myself buying it.

I might also consider a redone Moto X. I’d love to get my hands on some real wood or leather backsides again.

What about you? What phone would you like to see get a spec update and re-release?

Cheers Andrew for the idea!



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