Swidget’s Modular Outlets are Ideal for Turning Homes Into Smart Homes

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Swidget announced retail availability of its modular outlets this week, which allows home owners to replace their standard wall outlets with these new adaptable, modular smart outlets.

Allow me to break it down.

You’ll start with the initial Swidget Outlet, which retails for $39.99 a pop. On the top and bottom of the outlet you have your standard 15Amp outlets that uses your home’s built-in wiring. As a note, replacing outlets in your home is a very easy process, but make sure to flip off your breaker before doing so. Safety first.

Once the Swidget is installed, the middle portion of the outlet is removable, able to be easily replaced by inserts that feature all sorts of things. There’s an insert to add Z-Wave, USB ports, emergency lighting, and WiFi connectivity to the outlet itself.

The prices for these inserts range, but they start at $5.99 and go up to $41.99 for a WiFi + emergency light combo.

What has me most excited about this are the inserts Swidget says are coming soon. According to the company, buyers will soon have access to a Bluetooth speaker insert, Google Assistant insert, Amazon Alexa insert, and even an HD video camera insert. There’s also going to be an aromatherapy insert.

To see the full list of currently available inserts and their pricing, look here. And as soon as we start seeing new inserts become available, we’ll let you know. Additionally, we may have to pick some of these up and install them ourselves, because frankly, it’s pretty awesome.

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