Get Ready for Verizon Galaxy S10 5G Pre-Orders and Bonuses (Updated: Live!)

Galaxy S10 5G

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As Verizon continues to push forward with its 5G Ultra Wideband rollout, the only available device that has been able to connect to this next-gen network has been the almost-year-old Moto Z3 with an extra $200 accessory slapped to its backside. That should change today, according to a reliable source of ours, who said to expect Samsung Galaxy S10 5G pre-orders at any moment.

UPDATE: The pre-order page went live earlier than we expected! You’ll be able to pre-order 5:55AM Eastern (2:55AM Pacific). The Verizon Galaxy S10 5G can be had for $54.16/mo or $1,299.99 if you only need 256GB of storage. If you want 512GB of storage, that’ll cost you $1,399.99 or $58.33/mo. It’s available in Majestic Black or Crown silver. Delivery is indeed scheduled for May 16.

Pre-orders for the Verizon Galaxy S10 5G will include special goodies too. For one, there will be a pre-order “Samsung VIP Kit” involved that includes a pair of Galaxy Buds, Samsung Wireless Charging Battery Pack, and a Verizon 5G water bottle. Additionally, the S10 5G will be a part of the new $450-off with trade-in deal, but Verizon is adding an extra $200 prepaid gift card for Samsung’s first 5G phone (device payment plan required) if you switch over from another carrier. Both of these promos have been confirmed through ads Verizon started running tonight.

As a third bonus, we’re told that Verizon may offer some sort of free 5G for life deal as long as Galaxy S10 5G owners have a Beyond or Above Unlimited plan. Right now, Verizon charges Moto Z3 owners an extra $10/mo for 5G service, so this could save S10 5G owners a good amount of cash in the long-run, assuming Verizon doesn’t find a way to force everyone off of this “free for life” deal in a couple of years, am I right, grandfathered unlimited friends?

To recap, the Galaxy S10 5G (specs) is the biggest of the Galaxy S10 family. It features a 6.7-inch QHD AMOLED display, 4500mAh battery, 8GB RAM and 256GB storage (no SD slot), and quadruple camera. The 4th camera captures 3D depth information. The rest of the setup is identical to the Galaxy S10 and S10+ for the most part.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know the full price of the S10 5G at this point, but should in a few hours. We’re told that the previously rumored May 16 launch date is correct.

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