You’ll Soon be Able to Sign-Up for YouTube TV at Verizon, Possibly Get a Deal

YouTube TV

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The hot move in wireless in recent years has been to try and mimic the cable industry’s bundles by bundling wireless service with some sort of TV service. AT&T has struggled to do that successfully with its DirecTV NOW offering, while T-Mobile is slowly working its way into the situation through Layer3 TV. Sprint has a partnership with Hulu too.

Verizon, on the other hand, tried with its own go90 service that was such a colossal failure I’m not sure I can even properly describe to you how big of a disaster it was. Verizon spent years hyping up their video streaming service, only to deliver one of the biggest busts in video streaming history. They invested millions into it, told investors it would be a massive hit, and then absolutely failed on Fyre Festival-like levels. Go90 died after a few years of no one using it.

But because Verizon needs a TV offering to sell to customers, they announced today that YouTube TV will be that service. At some point in the near future, you’ll be able to sign-up for YouTube TV as a Verizon Wireless, FiOS, or 5G Home customer. We aren’t sure exactly how that’ll work, but it’s an official partnership.

The big news here is that Google and Verizon hinted at potential deals or promos down the road, saying in a press release that they’ll “offer unique, high-value YouTube TV promotions to customers across platforms.” That could mean a deal similar to the free 3-month subscriptions that early 5G Home subscribers got or something similar.

We’ll let you know as we learn more.

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