Google Maps Now Has Real-Time Charging Port Availability for EV Drivers

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While you can already find location information for EV charging stations via your favorite navigational app, Google Maps announced this week that it is integrating real-time availability information, taking the guessing game out of charging your electric vehicle.

As someone who doesn’t drive an EV, I suppose I never took this into account. Let’s say you take your EV to a charging station, but all of the slots are filled up and there’s a few people already waiting to charge their cars. And since charging your car’s battery takes longer than pumping a tank of gas, you could be waiting anywhere from minutes to hours to get some juice.

With this update to Google Maps, you can know if chargers are available before you head to a station. Smart.

To do this, search for “ev charging stations” to see up to date information from networks such as Chargemaster, EVgo, SemaConnect, and coming soon, Chargepoint. You’ll see how many ports are currently available, along with other helpful details like port types and charging speeds.

This feature is available starting this week in the US and UK.

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