Sprint Customers, Enjoy This Nasty P’ZONE From Pizza Hut Because Sprint “Loves” You

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Would you ever give someone you love a P’ZONE from Pizza Hut? I wouldn’t, unless I wanted them to have some sort of myocardial infarction. Well, Sprint customers, your carrier loves you, and to show it, it’s giving you a free P’ZONE. Wow!

Via the My Sprint Rewards service (app link below), Sprint customers can get their hands on a free P’ZONE pizza from Pizza Hut starting today. Each customer is allowed one free P’ZONE, with the offer ending April 28 or while supplies last.

Apparently, the P’ZONE isn’t a new thing. Introduced 17 years ago, then removed because I assume it caused multiple cases of gastroenteritis, Americans are super hyped to have this folded pizza with pepperoni and melted cheese topped with toasted parmesan stuffed right into their mouth hole.

Do it, America. Eat this thing and don’t ever stop.

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