Roav Bolt With Google Assistant is Now Available for Your Dumb Car

Anker Roav Google Assistant Car

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If your car doesn’t have the smarts of Android Auto and you want Google Assistant inside, Anker’s Roav Bolt is here.

Announced back at CES, the Roav Bolt is like a little car charger, only it comes equipped with Google Assistant too. It has charging ports to do fast charging of your phone, but with its far field mics and Bluetooth connectivity (to connect it to your phone), you can funnel it through your stereo as an Assistant-powered Google Home for your car.

With a product like this in your car (there have been Amazon Alexa devices like this for a while), you can use your voice to get turn-by-turn audio directions, play music, call or text people, check on your calendar, and control your smart home.

The Roav Bolt costs $49.99 and is available for pre-order today.

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