Android Q: A List of Some of the Other Little New Changes

Android Q Beta Download

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Android Q was released yesterday, and while it very much feels like Android 9.1 instead of what should be Android 10.0, there are a bunch of little tweaks that Google has made to their operating system that are slowly being discovered. We covered most of the big stuff in our first look video yesterday, but below you’ll find the little things that long-time Google phones owners might notice as they take on Q on the daily.

Always-on display now shows the song that’s playing on your phone and the battery percentage has moved to the top right. Cool.

You can share and join WiFi networks with QR codes now. Neat.

Battery Saver toggles full dark mode, but you probably shouldn’t run Battery Saver all the time. Awesome.

You can turn on full dark mode with an adb command, though. To do, thanks to the folks at XDA, do the following:

Enable Dark Mode: adb shell settings put secure ui_night_mode 2
Disable Dark Mode: adb shell settings put secure ui_night_mode 1


The new file manager UI is cleaner. Clean.

Long-pressing notifications gives you bigger, better options. Fun.

This notification bell that shows your most recentĀ ding is great. How great. (9to5Google)

The desktop mode I mentioned yesterday is buried and looks like this for now, according to XDA. Superb.

Native screen recording is built-in, but it’s kinda hidden and looks half-baked. Dope. (Android Police)

To find it, enable Developer options and then look for it within “Feature flags” as “settings_screenrecord_long_press.” To screen record, you’ll then long-press the power button, then long-press on the Screenshot option to fire open the screen record feature.

Long-pressing the power button shows an Emergency button. Nice.

If we find more, we’ll update this here post.



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